A Guide On How To Use Shopfittings To Attract More Customers

If you own a store or are planning to create a retail business, then you need to make sure you know how to attract customers. After all, if you cannot attract customers, then you will quickly go out of business. One of the common strategies to attract customers is to use shopfittings so that more people are attracted to your store and it engages them in such a way that they have a higher chance of buying. So, in this article, we will be looking at how you can use these shopfittings and how they will help you to make your business a success.

The first tip is to go for all white fittings. Many store owners think that the more colourful, the better, but that’s not true. This can actually create more chaos and make potential customers stay away. By having all white shopfittings such as white racks, white walls, white floors, white clothes hangers etc, you get to highlight your products and make them stand out. It is a very unique strategy and will actually lead to an increase in sales since it shines a spotlight on your products. It also creates a very clean and modern look which is very much in style. Using slatwalls are a great way to add some good looking elements to your shop.

Using Shopfitting Accessories: Slatwall Panels & Hooks

Another idea is to use everyday household items instead of the standard racks and shelves for showcasing your products. So, this can mean using a dresser with open drawers as a display for t-shirts, a child’s large toy car to hold teddy bears etc. Using slatwall panels provides a professional look and feel to your store and makes your product display more aesthetically pleasing for your prospective shoppers and customers. If you’re using slatwalls, you’re obviously going to need slatwall hooks as well. Buying these in bulk is generally a good idea.

Here’s a video of some glass shopfitting ideas:

This is a great strategy to connect with your customers and make them see how easily your items could fit into their home. You can even create a more urban look by using various outdoor items such as a fake streetlight to hang clothes, a park bench that holds household items, a brick wall to showcase various shoes and sneakers etc. Here are some more design ideas for your shop.

Using Pegboard Hooks

Using pegboards are a great way to make your store look unique. You can even decorate the pegboards and other shopfitting accessories based on you business branding and colours. Pegboard hooks can be purchased directly from manufacturers or suppliers of shopfitting companies.

Next, if you have a rather large store, then it is important that you have signs in order to let them know where they are as well as what items are located in that section. This is not only important for the organization but will help your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for without any stress or hassle. The easier that you make navigating your store for your customers, the more they will buy from you. Also, you can use this type of signage to show off your store’s style and create a distinctive look and feel. Another way of adding unique look to your store is the smart usage of aluminium trims.

Lastly, you can use digital screens in your store, in the front window or even outside the door in order to attract people and bring them into the store. Digital signs are a great option since you can program them differently according to what you want to let your customers know. If you have a special sale or discount, you can display it on the sign which will definitely bring in more customers.

In closing, we have just looked at how you can use shopfittings to attract more customers. So, be sure to put the above suggestions into action and you will certainly see an increase in sales for your business.